Lisa (center) read Charlotte Mason’s Philosophy of Education back in the early ‘90s when she started homeschooling. Living books have been at the heart of her family’s learning ever since. She has been married for 36 years to Joey and they are parents to 10 kids by birth and adoption. (Amelia and Clara are her two eldest daughters…all the way down to the youngest two being 13 and 11 years old!)  Homeschooling this crew has been humbling and thrilling, painful and joy-filled—in other words, sanctifying. As a lifelong learner, Lisa has so many areas of interest: spiritual growth, education, personality typing, playing piano and viola, embroidery, crochet, community theatre…she doesn’t know where to stop. 

Amelia (pictured right) is married to Stephen and greatly enjoys homeschooling her four kids (8 years down to two years). As a second-generation homeschooler, she is inspired by Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education, and loves being a life-long learner herself. (Local tree identification is a recently developed interest!) She also identifies strongly with Toad from Frog and Toad. Reading is her primary hobby and she is excited about finishing up another reading list from #vtreadingchallenge with several Christian classics.

Clara (pictured left) is married to Levi and is mom to four girls. Homeschooling her brood of Little Women is proving to be equally challenging and delightful…and very different than she anticipated from her own experience being homeschooled.  She has photographed her life daily since 2007 and squeezes in some professional work as she can (@clarawilliamsphotography). She also knits, plays the cello, adores reading out loud and sings the praises of her dishwasher and robot vacuum.

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